What I can do

I can do anything experienced programmers do:

  • Search for code needed and copy-paste it from StackOverflow.
  • Write quality code, covered with tests and docs.
  • Anything project might require: research, integration, maintenance and love.

I am best when using PHP/Laravel-PostgreSQL stack, but not limited to. I used to be full-stack developer, thats why I am also good with jQuery, familiar with Vue and had my hands on React, but backend is what I love more.

What would you say?

What I did & doing

I have started my journey as web developer in September 2003. From that time I solved many issues, wrote thousands lines of code, got familiar with lot of technologies and became confident with PHP & Laravel. I used to be full-stack developer, but from 2016 I am shifted to backend and not looking back.

Here is a short breakdown of my experience:

  • In 2005 I started project "CN Group" - an online magazine about web-development, with friends and like-minded people we wrote educational articles and publish them in form of offline app. That project is abandoned and forgotten long ago, but it give me a huge leap in my knowledge, I started developing with PHP and MySQL.
  • From 2005 till 2008 I worked as freelance web-developer in Dubai, mostly for real-estate agencies and media companies (Dubai Invest, Stars Dome Realty, Media & I, Russian Emirates - to mention some)
  • From 2008 till 2010 I've switched my passion to photography, got amazing experience, met a lot of new people and made many great shots.
  • From 2010 till 2013 got back to web-development and worked for real-estate agencies mostly.
  • From 2013 till 2016 got involved into my sister's cattery business, she cared about cattery and I cared about website, marketing, photography and sales. Meanwhile I also worked as full-stack developer for small local businesses.
  • From February 2017 till now I am working for G1 Software as backend developer, I am working in a team of experienced and talented people, we have many interesting projects, but I working primarily on three of them: Activity Control, Guest Control and Drugs Tracking System.

I also have side project Emicats on which I am working when I have time and mood since 2014. I redone it already three times and it is again under next major rewamp on latest Laravel and Vue. You can get source codes of Emicats on GitHub.

My Contacts

For quick and short conversation I'd like to use WhatsApp:
+7705 828 6295
Or send me a e-mail to:
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